Dear Diary, At the office!

Though I’m sat at a Twitter feed on these two devices at present, they are actually arranged so that using the stuff on one device creates an easier research environment on the other.

For example, I might have my study notes on one of the devices whilst I have my project open on another. And vice versa, I might have my web design open on one device and guide me

to produce my project on my website on one device whilst creating it on the other.

I put a lot into my studies and I can be infuriating constantly being under estimated because of the interference of the masses.

Daily Prompt

Five things that distract me from blogging.

Like most people, the real world interferes with my blogging, yet for me that real world isn’t so typical.

The pressures of society are felt in a way that most couldn’t begin to master, there’s clusters of influences to how my day develops, this is based around the positioning of various frameworks of society at any given moment. Environmental forces factor, of being just a poor bird, with lots to tolerate and improve within the day.

A fact could be the influence of a late bus, slowing up not only my day but that of the bus’ batch too, some such journeys are staged, some for the good and some for the bad. It creates a batch of gossip that dictates how society behaves.

What about rest? It could be that I’ve had to endure so many cluster at once that I become exhausted from doing what appears to others for being very little, when in actual fact it’s very complicated to sit with such a mass of things in front of myself at once.

Then there’s resources, not being able to produce what I’d like to without the resources can be entirely off putting at times.

Weather can be another factor, thats because a nice day could result in a change of behaviour in activities that I participate in.

The most important factor is confidence in personality and character, to make seeming futile attempts, to be myself without hindrances and mockers, critique etc.

These are just five typical examples, of what perhaps stops me from creating blog posts.

Daily wordpress prompt

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

The smallest of improvements is to create any sort of change. When things are mostly going dismal, it can be hard to not bother with improvements, but that’s just called depression. In recent mouths I’ve strived to work of mental state. Being mental health awareness week, I have decided to focus on my lack of mental illness. To be understood, stress and social anxiety are mental inadequacies but they are not mental illness, they are an unavoidable mental state. One may have been aware of the madness trials, Robert laing was involved in one of a few such experiments, as is the inspired by reality story the professor and the mad man. A film I thoroughly enjoyed.

Why is it that when one person has any sort of emotional feelings for someone, intentional acts of saboteurs become heightened in significance? Why is it that only a few understand an event they gossip about, to be of much less significance to the distantly participating audience than it is to the characters?

The answer is in mutually shared experiences, be that good or bad cause these tiny things referred to for being ’emotions’, bonds of a social nature that define an emotional state towards eachother, especially when there are decades of such emotion to refer to.

Dear Diary poorly

So yet again, thanks to a head cold, I haven’t reached my goals, but haven’t resided on my quest. The swelling in my glands has subsided, yet I still feel bunged up and frail. I’m considering a new theme, not, that of development for once but in my day to day habits. The weather’s getting warmer, and im determined to make the most of distressing with the fresh air. My coastal journey continues, but, perhaps with a more grown-up tone. I started this five years ago now and understand much more than I did when I started it.

The urban spaces is essentially part of that study because of the functioning and histories of the regions most relevant to myself and my ancestry. The fictional realities are something I’m sure to keep working on.

Yet, much concentration is still going to be for another day. Pondering is the mission while I recover.

The back, River Wye.

I sit here when I’m not wandering around the area with the scent of grass, mud, and flowers, freshening my now, when I can smell it. But, for now, the soft breeze on my cheeks with the twittering of birds makes for a scene of Claire and space. This area really made me consider urbanology thanks to the bridge and history of slavery. Engineering marvels and much suffering of past generations spurs me when I’m feeling weak.

The Hot Springs

Severn Basin and Aquifer Above is a picture that roughly describes the area of the severn basin, consider this the main garden watershed if you like to call it that. It is coloured in the light blue colour. Consider also that there are many smaller basins from smaller rivers that create seperate ‘gardens’ known as […]

The Hot Springs

Dear Diary, Another day

So yesterday I was too frustrated to work on my history project, essentially missing my goal of doing little for the day, however a day late is better than never so I’ll be doing it today, thats before I start working on some of my Web projects then.

I hope to do more with my water studies because that is closer to my passions, that much of what I’ve been doing of recent. Yet, there’s also my other studies to squeeze into a regime of study that’s quite lax in recent years. Setting up a new phone has interrupted my days quite a lot, and I’m at a loss as to the best way to go about things, but I’ll work it out as I go along.

Later, I plan to gather a set of my urls and ponder the unification of my separate projects through my gis project. If I ever get a chance, all will start to make sense.

I made a poster of men that are good with computers today that I consider to be mates, they have been there for many years, these are the ones that stayed around until 6 years ago when I was the one that went into hibernation.

Heres the top six men.

I don’t much feel like typing at the present and therefore feel I have little of significance to say, therefore its important that I keep things brief. Carrying on with the portrayals of characters I have added Gareth into the scenario just consider him for being the man that blunders his way through the hazard zones, the medical equivalent to a biohazard suit and gas mask, proding around in a quarantined box, like ‘im not a hazard to most people’!

My avatar for Gareth

Next up a boy whom struggled much with the pressures of life when he was young, but, always in my heart my son, he managed to aquire himself a Minecraft Steve avatar because it was his most played game when he was young.

My Avatar for Carson.

Also on the poster is pal Jon, he decided his own avatar in a way by using the name Jonny 5 for himself a long time ago, I just continued his trend.

My avatar for Jon..

Dear Diary: Nymph free zone!

I started this blog two days ago now, and already the disturbing infestation that comes along with the appalling habit of nymph torment towards the Bright women has begun. It’s a shame because wordpress and blogging is where I fit in best, wishing that I had my own site to fiddle with my site using development to make it personal.

The nymphs they ruin everything thing for me, wherever I go, and whatever I do, there’s a bunch of sultry women dominating the show with their primalistic intellectually lacking perversions. It seeps so far through society that even those that look normal are actually closet nymphs.

In the late 1700s early 1800s C. Wye Williams lived, he wrote a piece of works about Heat and its relation to water and steam, this book hints at the mass of women correlating sexual desirability with the way his language was written, in my opinion. Just like Edmund Burke in his literature A philosophical enquiry into our ideas of the sublime and the beautiful. Jane Austen writes about it in a more casual tone in her fictional works too.

They pester the Bright women, its a slow insidious like torment of a sexual nature towards the Bright woman, intentional cruelty, whilst seducing the boyfriend of the moment on a scale to large foe him to avoid further creating a further scenario of disturbing manipulation. For the its fun, for the Bright woman, it’s a never-ending series of sufferings at the hands of a mass seeking sexual attention. It can be described in terms of the Carl Jungs Electra complex, an insecurity that comes along with being compared to women more sexually inclined than themselves all day every day. It is infact an example of Bright being discussed by psychological specialists in terms of the effects such a terrible bunch have on just one woman. I ask that my reader consider the scale of such a mass since the introduction of the world wide Web to the world.

Discussing the web, I have started my page studying the internets history. I have yet to start my tutorial section because I have had a little rest. Perhaps because my history topics in its entirety is so broad, I’ll be able to learn more about the history of myself. Yet, the patterns of society are of more interest to myself. English Towns 1500-1700, Patten, is a book filled with useful information, and it too discusses nymphs. From an economic perspective, the modern version of mention is the fashion industry. It’s interesting because the wheels of society turn around Bright, and one of the largest wheels is that of the nymph batch. A horrid bunch of selfish women, possible to see from this angle.

I must now show why it was so cruel to myself and the boyfriend, with a series of pictures that show my suffering whilst the sexual fantasy copycat of me was and is rammed down our throats, especially with an army of women determined to gain his attention over myself. Pretending to be me, it’s a thing they all do to whatever man I’m known to be with.

My sore, blistered, and swollen feet.

The inappropriate way that the man is sexually lured and mauled all day every day, especially when I walked over 20 miles in the soaking wet weather with shoes that rub because I’m poor, whilst tired, hungry and thirsty. Of course, I don’t look physically well, and sex is being rammed at us. It’s obvious that after decades, this is going to really affect someone’s well-being. Let alone the fact that they are a large part of the reason I have such difficult days. Such a girl would typically fail to achieve something that is strenuous, but it doesn’t matter in the heat of the moment passions now does it?